This is likely the last time I put a group like this together.

I explain further, please listen:


To identify your seriousness, I’m asking you to make a $500 deposit.
When you do I will look over your goals, business and the suggested contribution you can make to the group and select the final group.

If you are not selected your $500 will be fully refunded.
Also, if you are selected and you decide you don’t want to be part of the group or cannot make the date, your $500 will be fully refunded.
You have my personal word on it.
At this point I hope I have gained your trust.

This is just an act of proving your commitment to the big goals you wrote down and your desire to be part of this special group.

Make your deposit HERE
I hope you do.
Don’t expect me to push you.
This is part of the test: Are you the kind that steps forward when called and opportunity is presented?
Those are they kind of people I want in these two groups—only.

I promise this will be a business and life-changing experience for you.

Let’s see what you do.
How serious are you about your goals for 2015, and beyond?

Please do so quickly.
Final details are coming together now.