How many resolutions or goals or new habits have you set or started in the past that you failed on?
How many new diets, workout regimens, date night promises, sales campaigns, things you wanted to quit,
new routines you wanted to start, changes you wanted to make, that you failed on?

Odds are—most of them.
I know, me too. Or at least I used to before I learned why and learned how to conquer those reasons.

That’s why kicking off the first Monday of this New Year, I am going to be releasing this special 10 part DarrenDaily series on
Why You (WONT!) Fail at Your Resolutions This Year—10 Fail Busters to Finally Transform Your Life.
And since it’s on DarrenDaily, yes, it’s 100% free to you.

It all starts this Monday, January 4th, but only for my DarrenDaily friends.

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