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Darren helped me see that I needed to take a risk to have no regrets. I left a very successful career to help people transform their lives through adventure. I knew I wanted to do this because it's my purpose!

Jay Irwin

Through Darren, I learned that growth begins outside of the comfort zone. This is something I remind myself of regularly. DarrenDaily and IP made all this happen for me. Before last year I was NOT the person who could have done any of this.

Sandy Perilli

I sent DarrenDaily to each of my team members. What an easy way for me to get Darren to do the heavy lifting for me! We are having some great conversations and I have seen a shift in attitudes and work ethic.

Shane Reid

It never ceases to amaze me how much I get out of every time I watch DarrenDaily!! I am a proud member of the Hardy Tribe. Best decision ever made to follow you as my mentor!!

Debbie Cometa

The concepts may be the same we have heard in the past but the delivery and connection you get with Darren has no rival. He makes it a point for us to be completely clear about every detail, leaves no loose ends, and the most important part? He makes you feel valued!! I really believe there's no other mentor out there that offers what Darren gives us.

Flor Mazeda

Consistency of DarrenDaily nuggets all have accumulated to influence who we are and what we do. Embracing everything I’ve been exposed to from Darren has been the enabler of us operating at this dramatically higher set point.

- Mike Lisle

Your hard work has affected generations of my family. My parents and my kids all listen to DarrenDaily. You truly are making an IMPACT and dent in the universe.

Ryan Critch

One of my favorite DarrenDailys was Half Time: Now What? Even if you're behind in the game, just breathe, readjust, do your job and finish the game. I often send my favorite DarrenDailys on to friends!

- April Roberts

Darren, you are one of those mentors that, on a daily basis, raise my level of thinking from ordinary to a champion. I want to be the best person I can be for myself and my family.

- Danny Forniss

The day of the first DarrenDaily my journal declared "A Turning Point," as Darren instructed. I smiled because part of my turning point was the fact that a couple days earlier I found I was going to be a dad. I've been designing and creating the life I want ever since.

- Andrew Wash

It almost feels like cheating - with just a liiiiiittle bit of extra effort on my part, I can BLOW past everyone else.

- Chris Mengel


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