Get Pissed!

Good morning!
I see some new faces joining us today, so I want to welcome you to DarrenDaily!

To help you conquer your big goals and resolutions this 2016, I’m going to do something special for you to kick off this new year.

For the next two weeks I am going to give you an exclusive video series on Why You (WONT!) Fail at Your Resolutions This Year—10 Fail Busters to Finally Transform Your Life.

Each day will be a new step for you to take that day.
At the end of these two weeks and after following these 10 steps, there will be no fantastical destination or grand goal you cannot conquer.

So let’s go ahead and get started with Step 1!
Here we go:

Action for Today:
Make sure the resolution you are starting with isn’t a wish, but a commitment and an action.
Re-write it to state:

I WILL _________________.

Share with us what you WILL below.

Your Daily Mentor,

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